Safeco Field Sushi Big in Japan

The new sushi bar at Safeco Field’s Hit it Here Café is ready for its close-up. In July, it will be featured in a program that airs on NHK TV in Japan.

Crew for the program, known as BS, for Best Sports, recently spent some time in the Hit it Here with sushi chef Hiroshi Egashira, owner of Hiroshi’s Restaurant & Catering, sampling some of the top menu items.

Egashira, who took over the sushi operations at Safeco Field this season, has created a lineup for the ballpark that includes such delicacies as:

  • Ichi-Roll (spicy salmon with shrimp and crab)
  • Seattle Smoak’ed Salmon Roll (California Roll topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese)
  • Lead-off Runner (soft shell crab with avocado and cucumber)
  • Pacific Pinch Hitter (spicy salmon roll with cucumber)
  • Swing Away (California Roll with crab, cucumber and avocado)
  • Catcher’s Mitt (fried tofu skin stuffed with white rice and topped with spicy salmon and avocado)
  • Seventh Inari Stretch (fried tofu skin filled with white rice)

Host Karen Fukuhara, who is based out of southern California, not only sampled the Japanese offerings, she also got to sample two other popular menu items, the SODO Slammer, a 22-inch hot dog topped with pickled peppers, onions and cream cheese, and for dessert, the Grand Slam Sundae with four large scoops of ice cream served over brownies and bananas and topped with strawberry sauce, chocolate , whipped cream, chopped nuts and cherries.

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– RH

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