King’s Court Patriotic T-Shirt Winner

The fans have voted, and the winner is…Stars & Stripes.

Felix Hernandez is scheduled to start Tuesday, July 3 vs. the Baltimore Orioles, which means the King’s Court will be in session. As a tie-in to the July 4th holiday, fans were asked to choose between three patriotic designs for the King’s Court T-shirt: A red, white and blue theme, a Stars & Stripes theme, and Felix as Uncle Sam.

Over 1,200 votes were cast, and Stars & Stripes was the winner with 43%.

Tickets for the July 3rd King’s Court will go on sale next week.

If you can’t wait for July 3, the next King’s Court is schedule for June 28 vs. Boston Red Sox. Those tickets will be priced at $35 each, which gets you admission to the special seating section and the traditional yellow King’s Court T. The June 28 tickets go on sale Saturday evening.

– RH


Do they have 2XL shirts again? (they didnt have them last game)

Craig, we’ve been told that we do have them, just ask one of the customer service folks and we’ll track one down for you. Hopefully this works.

Are they for sale?

The shirts are for sale with the King’s Court ticket package. Go to for more information.

The ticketing site for King’s Court says the shirts are Adult S, M, and XL. Do they have shirts in L or is that just a typo?

We should have size Large. Just check in with someone at the stadium and we’ll do the best we can to get you the correct shirt size.

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