Help Celebrate the No-Hitter

We’re celebrating last Friday’s historic combined 6-man no-hitter this Thursday at Safeco Field. In honor of the rare achievement, several View Level sections for Thursday’s game vs. the Padres (7:10 pm) will be available for just $6. Visit for all details on the special ticket offer to help celebrate the historic no-hitter.

Plus, all fans in attendance will receive the following commemorative poster:

This commemorative poster featuring the 6 pitchers from the combined no-hitter will be given to all fans at Thursday’s game vs. the Padres.

A special edition Combined No-Hitter t-shirt is also available at the Safeco Field Team Store.  The t-shirt features all 6 pitchers stats from the game and are available in Adult $30 and Youth $24.

Show off a piece of Mariners history with a t-shirt commemorating the combined no-hitter.

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I am so sorry to see that Jesus Montero wasn’t photographed at their feet. He was a ROOKIE CATCHER who caught ALL of those different guys and called all those pitches. I’m sure there was help from the dugout, but just sayin’…………….I hope the Yankees took note of the big guy.

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