Long Haul Bombers at Safeco Field Friday

The Long Haul Bombers, a collection of the nation’s greatest softball home run hitters, bring their entertaining show to Safeco Field in Friday, May 25, before the Seattle Mariners vs. Los Angeles Angels game. Game time is 7:10pm. The Long Haul Bombers hitting exhibition is scheduled to start at approximately6:23pm.

Competing at Safeco Field will be Team Easton, Team Miken, Team Combat and Team DeMarini.

Team Combat, Johnny McCraw (L) and Brandon Perry (R), will compete at Safeco Field Friday with the Long Haul Bombers Home Run exhibition.

Each Bomber gets 15 swings, each home run is worth one point, except for the last pitch, known as the money ball, which is worth two points and can be the tie-breaker.

The Bombers regularly launch balls 400 feet or farther and the exhibition is always entertaining. Fans are encouraged to get to Safeco Field early to enjoy the power hitting show. They’ll also be signing autographs during the game near Section 128 on the Main Concourse.

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