Mariners Point of View — The Perfect Game

From a Mariners perspective, yesterday’s perfect game by White Sox righthander Philip Humber at Safeco Field was not a welcome result of the game.  At the same time, it was a chance for most Mariners personnel to witness a piece of baseball history.

As we watched the last part of the game, specifically the ninth inning, it was clear that the fans in the park were aware of the potential perfect game, and they were into every pitch…..especially when Humber went to a 3-0 count on Michael Saunders, who led off the ninth.  Every pitch was a big pitch, and the crowd was definitely “into it.”

We were surprised to hear several national commentators, and a few local commentators, criticizing Mariners fans for turning on the Mariners team and rooting for a perfect game.  We think those comments were off the mark.

Yes, the fans gave Philip Humber a great ovation when he was walking off the field after the White Sox celebration.  And we thought that was classy for Seattle fans.  We don’t think Mariners fans should be criticized for being excited and hanging on every pitch in the ninth inning.

The perfect game against the Mariners was not the game plan.  But we think our fans should be lauded for appreciating the situation and acknowledging the opponent at the right time.  At least that’s how we see it.


I guess that can be your M’s Fans point of view, but mine personally, as an M’s fan I don’t like to be on the other end of a record, accomplishment or historically significant event. It’s basically celebrating the fact we failed at something. Just the way I see it. I wish people would be more frustrated or embarrassed it happened rather than for it.

Its a tough situation for any team. Yes, the perfect game was a stark reminder that the team had failed that day and lost the game. I wish the team had gotten a few hits and won the game. However, I appreciate and realize this was something that has happened only 20 times before in the long history of this game. I am a baseball fan first and a Mariners fan second.

You are EXACTLY right. Real Americans root for their team right up to the point where it’s two outs in the bottom of the ninth and the other team’s pitcher is throwing a perfect game. Then you pull for him. Your team will have other days. Seattle fans understood that and deserve major props. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Golf, Seattle fans.

It seems as if the way the company guys for the Times are now writing and talking about the team on the radio, that they are subtly preparing us for the firing of Jack Zduriencike with the their remarks about the failure of the “Kids” to take off. Despite the abject failure of Figgins, Olivo, Ryan, Saunders and the ongoing decline of Ichiro who is the worst third place hitter in the American League. Other than Felix none of the veterans would be on any roster in the American League, while many of the kids would be.

The trip blew the whole preparation for the season to smithereens, while Howard and Chuck thought that it was a good thing to do.

Idea for promotion, Felix edible underpants night. Grab on to a player that will be here next year. Please Oh Please, don’t resign Ichiro!

I totally agree that Mariner’s fans acted appropriately. It was a great accomplishment, something I saw and will remember for the rest of my baseball days! And I just turned 80 years young.

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