Opening Night Software Glitch

The software system that operates cash registers and processes credit cards for concession stands at Safeco Field had a glitch Friday night. Mariners information services staff are still sorting out what happened, but a problem with the system, which started early in the game and was limited to a few stands, had spread throughout the system by the end of the 3rd inning. During the 5th inning it was decided that the best way to handle it was to shut down the system and reboot. Soon after, everything was up and running, but it took some time for the long lines at concession stands and cash machines to clear out. Everything is expected to be fine for Saturday’s game. The Mariners apologize for the inconvenience to fans during the glitch.

– RH


Are you guys just wanting to sugar-coat this snafu? “Soon after, everything was up and running” is baloney. At the bottom of the seventh inning, vendors were still on a cash-only basis and lines were so long that I can only imagine how much money was lost by all the vendors last night.

There were also very few vendors in the stands. I was in section 115 and we saw one guy selling lemonade.

I think everything worked out. I witnessed lots of folks getting food for discounted prices because they didn’t have enough cash. Some even got food for free! The concession stand staff handled it wonderfully! See you tonight!

Maybe since I’ve helped design and test point of sale systems over the past 10 years, I have a certain empathy for businesses that run into issues with them. Luckily, last night, my dad and I had cash, so didn’t even know there was an issue until I saw the tweets coming through.

Here’s to smooth sailing the rest of the way – at the concession stand AND on the field🙂

Seems like the issue was just as much one of LACK of communication about the issue. You could have saved a lot of people a lot of time and frustration in line if you’d gotten the word out. No mention of this aspect.

Ridiculous I don’t care if all the machines were working perfectly. It wouldn’t have mattered. There were 3 people behind the downstairs patio bar who were supposed to handle about 300 people in line. It’s opening night! How about 6 people at least with half making drinks and the others taking money. They were set-up for failure. I can’t tell you ow many fans talked about next time bringing flasks, airline size bottles, etc… Have fun with that Safeco.

“A glitch”, that’s pretty funny. I work in software and when you have to reboot the system that’s a complete failure not a glitch. Concession stands are usually bad on opening day but Friday was miserable. The people next to me waited in lines for 5 innings, never did get food, and left without ever sitting in their seats.

You owe the fans more than an apology. An explanation would be nice, a complete system review to ensure this never happens again seems mandatory, and a discount for free food to everyone in attendance would go a long way to soothe people.

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