The Taste of Seattle at Safeco Field

Today, there was a preview for members of the media of some of the new food offerings at Safeco Field this season.

Once again, the Mariners and Centerplate, our concessions partner, are working with noted Seattle chef, and Mariners fan, Ethan Stowell, on several new food concepts for the ballpark.

New menu items include two new BBQ sandwiches, pulled pork and beef brisket. Both are smoked in-house, both are locally sourced (Carlton Farms and Northwest Grass Fed Beef Company). Stowell serves the sandwiches on fresh-baked rolls with apple jalapeño slaw and whiskey cola BBQ sauce.

BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich – In-house smoked Painted Hills beef brisket, apple jalapeno coleslaw, whiskey cola BBQ sauce on a Mario’s sweet potato bun.

Stowell has also developed a new “anti-fast-food” burger and cheese burger with Northwest Grass Fed Beef on a potato bun. There’s also an Uli’s Italian sausage (made with Carlton Farms meat) and an Uli’s cheddar bratwurst, both served on a Pioneer bun.

And, because Seattle and Stowell are known for seafood, there’s a new Oyster Po’ Boy sandwich made with fried Taylor Farms oysters with a spicy remoulade.

Oyster Po’ Boy – Fried Taylor Farms oysters, butter lettuce, sliced tomato, spicy remoloude, on a Pioneer bun.

The goal of the collaboration with Chef Stowell is to bring the flavors of Seattle into the ballpark. To do that, Stowell has worked with many local producers to source products and ingredients including Taylor Farms, Carlton Farms, Uli’s Sausage, Sageland Riesling, Tillamook Cheese and Franz Bakery.

Some of the other new offerings this season from Centerplate will be sushi from Seattle chef and caterer Hiroshi Egashira, pizza by the slice at seven locations, Uncle Charlie’s cheesesteaks with shaved ribeye steak, and soft serve ice cream at several concession stands around the ballpark.

There’s also a new full-service lounge on the upper deck called the Lookout Landing Bar. It will feature cocktails, beer and wine along with hot snacks such as waffle fries and mini corn dogs.

– RH


When will Safeco have a HEALTHY SALAD concessions? For those SEASON TICKET HOLDERS, we need something that isn’t going to be on our waste…after the season has come and gone! Looks like I’ll be stopping before the game to eat somewhere else!!


Ivar’s offers a salmon Caesar salad that you can order with the dressing on the side, and there is a Caesar salad at the Apizza stand in The ‘Pen (although I’m not sure just the lettuce and croutons without the dressing would be all that appetizing). There are also salads available on the menu in the Hit It Here Café. We also have a wide selection of “healthy” items around the ballpark including vegetarian, vegan, organic, gluten-free foods, fresh fruit and smoothies. As you know, healthy or healthier, doesn’t always mean low-calorie. But The Natural, near Section 132 on the Main Concourse, does have veggie dogs and burgers, a hummus platter, vegan soup, whole fruit, etc. The sushi stands often have “lighter” selections available such as miso soup and steamed edemame. We’re always looking to improve, so if you have suggestions on specific items that would appeal to a broad range of fans, we’d love to hear them. Fans can also bring their own food into the ballpark!

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