Mariners to wear Boeing patch on Japan jerseys

Major League Baseball today announced that Gloops, a Japanese social application provider, is the title sponsor for the Japan Opening Series March 28 & 29 when the Mariners play the Oakland A’s. The A’s will wear Gloops patches on their jerseys. The Mariners jerseys will sport the Boeing logo.

This is the first time the Mariners have worn a sponsor logo on our uniforms, and Mariners Executive Vice President of Business Operations, Bob Aylward, said “Boeing is one of the great companies of the Northwest and they are one of the best supporters the Mariners have ever had. There is no one we would rather have on our jerseys than Boeing.”

Boeing will also partner with MLB and the Mariners to host a children’s baseball clinic in Ishinomaki, one of the cities most impacted by last year’s earthquake and tsunami. About 100 children will participate. Later, the Mariners and Athletics will share a meal with community members, featuring tonjiru, a hearty, traditional Japanese soup with miso, pork and vegetables.


Great, corporate logos slowly making their way into the national pastime. At least we didn’t get ”gloops,” but seriously this is shameless and a poor poor precedent.

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