Mariners Single Game Tickets to be Priced Dynamically

When Mariners 2012 single game tickets go on sale to the public on Saturday at 10am (PST), fans are going to notice some big changes, perhaps the biggest changes for Mariner tickets in recent memory.

  •  First, all single game tickets are being priced dynamically.
  •  Second, the wide range of ticket prices and value options available for the first time.

Dynamic Pricing

The Mariners are joining a growing roster of MLB teams using dynamic pricing to more accurately set and adjust ticket prices based on demand.

To determine the opening price, all 81 games have been divided into four categories:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Home Run

These categories are similar to the Value, Prime and Summer Weekend categories Mariners fans are used to seeing since 2008. Because not all games are created equal, fans will see some bargains for games that are expected to generate lower demand, and as has happened with variable pricing, they’ll pay more for higher demand games like Opening Night and big series against noted opponents such as the San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

Once plugged into the categories, 70% of all single game tickets will start at or below 2011 prices.

Ticket prices can be adjusted to reflect demand, but only if the market conditions will support a change. But since prices can change, fans are encouraged to plan ahead, buy early and lock in the best prices for their top seat locations. Fans shouldn’t be concerned that prices for every seat at Safeco Field are going to fluctuate like the New York Stock Exchange. Chances are adjustments will be made for tickets in specific seating areas, and there will likely be many locations that will have only minor if any adjustments.

The first tent arrived at 6am this morning. Tom from Aberdeen (left) is looking for Opening Night and Giants tickets. Greg (right) from Tri-Cities has yet to set up camp, he is buying Opening Night bleachers and the LAA series in May.

Even with dynamic pricing, there are still plenty of opportunities for bargains. Again, 70% of all tickets will open at prices at or below 2011 levels. And popular ticket specials like BECU Family Nights, Safeco Insurance Grand Slam Family Packages, Senior and Military specials and exclusive group rates will still be offered.

Value Options

The other big change is the range of ticket prices and value options that are available now.

In the past, all tickets in broad seating categories were all the same price. Now, tickets will be priced differently based on how close (or how far) they are to home plate.

  • Lower Box seats were $60 last season. This year, they will be priced as low as $35. Other locations on the 100 Level are available for as low as $25 ($40 last year).
  • View Reserved seats were all $20 last season. This year, they will be priced as low as $10 for some games.
  • For the first time at Safeco Field, Center Field Bleachers will be available for some games as low as $5.

Because prices vary by location and can change by game date, fans can always get the most up-to-date information at There you’ll find a color-coded schedule that helps you determine general price categories for games.

There is also a nifty tool (the Interactive Seat Map) that will be live on March 10 that makes it easy for fans to pinpoint the best seat for the price you want to pay.

A total of 15 MLB teams are doing some level of dynamic pricing. Eight teams, including the Mariners, are pricing the whole ballpark dynamically (A’s, Cardinals, Giants, Marlins, Mets, Padres, White Sox), and seven teams, the Astros, Braves, Brewers, Indians, Pirates , Royals, and Twins are using dynamic pricing for select games and sections. More teams are expected to enter the market soon.

– RH

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