Smile…Today is Photo Day

This morning, all 67 players in Major League camp, coaches and many front office staff participated in the annual photo day in the multipurpose room at the Peoria Sports Complex.

Photographers from the Associated Press, Getty, MLB, MLB International, Kyodo News and Rick Clarkson were set up in the multipurpose room as early as 6 a.m. and started shooting at 7 a.m. MT.

Brandon League provided the quote of the morning when he was posing with the Topps photographer. League was asked to get in a position for the photo where he held his hands high in a windup…Brandon’s response? “I don’t do that.”

The white jerseys are lined up in preparation for photo day.

Photographers from several news-gathering agencies started setting up at 6 a.m. for today's photo day.

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– JE


Nice reminds me of school pictures.

Why are the M’s using last year’s jerseys for 2012 photo day?

Thanks for following the blog. The new uniforms are not made up until Opening Day approaches, so we use blank white jerseys and last year’s jersey on photo day. Great question.

Is there any change your going to make a report about minicamp again?

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