Mariners Spring Training Update – Day 6

Day 6 / Friday, February 17, 2012 / 39 Days ‘til Opening Night in Tokyo / 55 Days ‘til Opening Night in Seattle

Weather: For the second day in a row, not a cloud in the sky during workouts as the temperatures remained in the 60’s and evetually reached 69-degrees in the late afternoon as position players were coming in for physicals.

Quote of the Day:  “Where’s Ichiro?” – 2-year-old office visitor Max echoing the same question that the assembled Japanese media is asking themselves. Ichiro‘s scheduled to have his physical later today.

Japanese media awaits the arrival of Ichiro

The Day: Day 6 was a very busy day both on and off the field. Now that the Mariners Marketing crew has arrived, players are being shuttled in and out of the main clubhouse and the Peoria Stadium clubhouse for both physicals and for their “green screen” shoots.

For those who are unfamiliar with “green screens,” players stand or sit in front of a green sheet and pose for and talk to the marketing department for use on the video screen at Safeco Field. It is a daunting task for their department, having to coordinate the schedules for 66 players (around their already hectic on field schedule).

Game Entertainment and Special Events Manager Michael Ferguson, Video Editor/Designer Nick Pope and Multimedia Coordinator Olav Nossum arrived in the wee hours of the morning to begin shooting at 7am with left-hander George Sherrill. In total, the Marketing team was able to get 13 guys off the board on the first day.

Dustin Ackley during marketing promo

Every player has now reported for camp.

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Tweet of the Day:

– FA

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I am an avid Ichiro fan, and I love the Mariners for giving him the chance he deserves.

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