From the Corner of Edgar & Dave

When we rolled out our blog about a month ago, we knew a name change would eventually be in store. So, today, we unveil the new look and name of our blog, From the Corner of Edgar & Dave.

Edgar & Dave refers to two Mariners icons (Martinez and Niehaus, of course), and the honorary street address of our home, Safeco Field. The City of Seattle renamed the streets Edgar Martinez Drive and Dave Niehaus Way, to honor Edgar in 2004 and Dave in 2011.

We hope to be true to the title of the blog, to feature interesting items about the team, the players, the farm system, our history, the ballpark and to take you behind the scenes and share some things you might not have known. We want to keep you informed and connected to the Mariners all year round.

So check back for frequent updates, and breaking news as it happens.

– RA


Great name choice.

I work for one of the subcontractors on the Safeco Field build and feel a very special connection to the ballpark – it really is one of my favorite places on earth. If i had the means i would live in a suite year-round. I still feel the same thrill going through the gates now that i did 13 years ago.

We took my 3-year old niece to Fan Fest a couple of weeks ago and it was so great to show her something that is so dear to me. The only thing missing from the corner of Edgar & Dave is Dave – hearing a rebroadcast of one of his calls on MLB Network or anywhere else still brings tears. And it’s hard to explain to a 3-year old why you miss someone you never actually met so much.

Here is a question – is it me or do hot dogs just taste better at a ballpark? It can be at any ballpark – little league, big league, beer league – they just taste better.

Margaret…what a wonderful and heart-felt comment. Thanks for following. We feel it is something special as well and look forward to each day we are at the ballpark. Go Mariners!

I love it! My two favorite People.

Thanks Kathy! We agree…two of many great people who have been associated with the Mariners. Would love it if we could call it “From the Corner of Edgar & Dave…with Junior, Dan, Dustin, Justin, Randy, Ole, Bret, Lou and Alvin” Go Mariners!

MY OH MY!!! As Dave would say and it sounds like Edgar will “have another little project” here in on his hands as he once said in a commercial.

I am going to do my best to follow this blog but I have something that you and the entire Mariner organization really needs to know because I have been a Mariner fan here in the Northwest since I was 14 years old back in 1977.

Probably not to long from now I will have an operation on my heart to fix a faulty aortic valve that has become more narrow in my heart. I was born with this valve issue and along with that the doctor will fix an anurysum developing with a stent in a vein that leads to the aorta. I had a CT scan on the aorta today which I have been told has become enlarged.

Right now I continue to remain optimistic and hopeful that all will go well because I still have possibly another good 40 years of Mariner baseball to watch among other things to do around here.

Feel free to send plenty of prayers my way as they will be greatly appreciated.

Greg…we’ll be thinking about you as the players hit the field today.

Outstanding! I listened to Dave from minute 1 along with Ken Wilson. Edgar – well, he has been and always will be “Yum-Yum” to me! 2 truly dedicated and honest Mariners. You are right when you name all those people, don’t forget Julio, Harold and Jay. I have stayed a true M’s fan even when I lived in AZ and on the (L)east coast. I caught flak for it , but once an M’s fan, always an M’s fan!! Get on it and stay on it – we are with ya

Any chance you’re looking for contributors? I’m a life-long Mariners fan living in Chandler, AZ and I’d love to write some Spring Training pieces.

Hell, I even planned my wedding around Spring Training, though I didn’t know about the Mariners trip to Japan until too late.

Tyler, thanks for your note. Look forward to seeing you at Spring Training. Unfortunately, we have the blog posts covered with our PR staff and some others at the Mariners.

Perfect name. Nothing more needs to be said. Just perfect. Miss you Dave!! Go M’s!!!

Great name, guys. I too have followed since the beginning, mostly by listening on the radio. At least I can still hear Rik on the radio. I miss Dave a lot.

My oh my, what a perfect name! Loved listening to Dave, and Edgar is my most favorite baseball player ever. Will be looking forward to updates as I am coming to Spring Training for the last 2 games before the team heads to Japan. Go M’s!!!

I know it is one moment in history for all Mariner fans out there but every darn time I watch that replay in the 1995 Division Series of Edgar lining the double down the left field line and seeing Junior steaming around 3rd I actually get choaked up to some degree.

As I think about my heart surgery eventually coming here I have tried to reflect on the things I always wanted to see in life, and the Mariners in the playoffs and winning in the playoffs was always something I dreamed of.

Not a season goes by where I don’t have dreams of something even bigger for the Mariners. Yes, I am refering to a World Series title. I suppose if that happens I guess I will have to go out and even have my championship ring made at one of the local jeweler around here. Yep everyone, it would mean that much to me.


Great Blog.. I always enjoy reading up on the Mariners as I am originally from Tacoma. I am a former scout for the Royals… and i go around to the complexes from time to time as I live in the Glendale , AZ area now… I was very interested in one of your prospects… Cavan Cohoes, the centerfielder. I heard he had had some injury trouble as of late, but I was talking to a few of the Mariners people, and he is approaching the end of rehab. He has clocked in ‘tremendous’ 60 yard dash times. was talking to Gabe the strength coach and Randy Roetter who is the head trainer at the complex, and they raved about his speed. He has officially set the record for the 60 yard dash clocking in a 6.20 and 6.21 60 yard dash.. electronically timed. I was amazed with the way he ran in the outfield and on the bases ++ runner.. This kid is someone to look out for in the future.

P.S. It’s a shame about Ichiro, doesn’t seem right in pinstripes.

Take care,

Mike Mensin

I heard cohoes ran a 6.08 60 yard dash… completely incredible, he needs to be a designated runner

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