2012 Japan Opening Series Tickets

Tickets for the 2012 Japan Opening Series against the Oakland A’s in Tokyo go on sale tonight at 6pm PST (that’s 11am Saturday in Japan).

Here’s the link to the English language site. You’ll note the prices are in yen. Seats behind home plate, equivalent to good lower box seats at Safeco Field, are 18,000¥, or $253.73US, and standing room are 1500¥, or about $19.64. These prices are approximate, and could go up or down slightly, depending on the dollar to yen exchange rate at the time your order is processed. Another side note, the 2012 Japan Opening Series is a joint venture of Major League Baseball International and the MLB Players Association. Ticket prices were set by MLBI and the MLBPA in conjunction with the event promoter, Yomiuri.

Tickets for the two exhibition games the Mariners will play against the Hanshin Tigers and Yomiuri Giants are also available at the site.

For the two regular season games against the A’s (March 28 and 29), the Mariners are the visiting team. As is customary in Japanese baseball, the home and visiting team’s fans are seated on different sides. For the two games against the A’s, the “Mariners’ side” will be along third base at the Tokyo Dome. You can certainly sit elsewhere, but like soccer, fans in Japan tend to stick together.

For the two exhibition games, the Mariners’ side will be along first base for the game against the Hanshin Tigers on March 25 (due to the time change, it’s actually March 24 in Seattle), and the third base side for the match-up with the Yomiuri Giants on Monday, March 26.

Here’s a blog post that gives some insight into what Major League Baseball fans can expect in Japan. According to the post, fans of both teams are organized and chant throughout the game. Hanshin fans are known to be especially boisterous.

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