Randy and Dan Talk Mariners Hall of Fame

The soon-to-be newest members of the Mariners Hall of Fame – Randy Johnson and Dan Wilson – just finished a 30-minute conference call with local media.

The Mariners announced today that Dan and Randy would be inducted in the team’s Hall of Fame this summer. Getting the battery back to together on the phone was fun for the media, and the players.

Dan Wilson was gracious as always, opening by saying, “It’s Randy’s first stop on the way to Cooperstown. To go in at the same time as him is quite an honor.”

Both Dan and Randy identified the one-game playoff in 1995 as the highlight moment of their careers. Randy pointed out that, for him, it was both a chance to faceoff against Mark Langston (the pitcher he was traded for in 1989) and the culmination of the long climb so many players – Mariners HOF members Edgar Martinez and Jay Buhner included – had been on since 1989.

Dan’s other thought on Randy? “Randy could dominate a baseball game like no other pitcher I’ve ever seen in my career,” he said. “…You should have heard the stuff (hitters) would say as they stepped up to the plate.”

Both Dan and Randy have been focused on family and charity since their retirement including, in Randy’s case, a pair of trips overseas with the USO to visit troops stationed abroad.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held in Safeco on Saturday, July 28 prior to the Mariners vs. Royals game.

Randy Johnson is the Mariners all-time leader with 2,162 strikeouts (Getty Images).

Dan Wilson

– TH


Johnson is a first ballot Hall of Famer, no question. Great memories!

I liked what Wilson said about conversations with Batters.

If you want to support 2013 Mariners Hall of Fame hopeful Harold Reynolds, check out @HR4marinersHOF on twitter! Huge congrats to RJ and Wilson in 2012. Now let’s get Harold inducted in 2013!

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