Welcome to the Official Mariners Blog

Welcome to the new Seattle Mariners PR blog.

Blog posts will go behind/beyond the headline with news and information about Club events, activities, priorities, etc.

We’ll also mine our deep archives for classic photos and facts.

Look for features such as Baseball Card of the Day, On this date in Mariners History, On the Road, Five Questions for…

The goal is to reach our fans directly and keep you informed, connected to and interested in the Seattle Mariners year-round. After all, we don’t only make news during the season.

We’ll update frequently, especially as news breaks.

Primary contributors will be members of the Mariners PR Department, but there may be a guest post from time to time.

We see the blog as an organic thing and we’re excited to see how it grows and evolves over time.

We hope you enjoy it.

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Great to see the M’s taking a role as an active participant in the MLBlogs community. The M’s are also well represented in the community by some great fan blogs that’ll give you a good feeling about what us diehard M’s fans are thinking — to name just a couple, feel free to check out Safeco regular Wayne Peck’s blog at http://stock350i.mlblogs.com/, and my own blog at http://cookandsonbats.mlblogs.com.

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